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Email Connection Settings for Aditya Hosting Webmail

Email Connection Settings for Aditya Hosting Webmail Email Connection Settings When setting up your email, it is important that your settings match. This article covers a complete set of matching settings to use for each desired email configuration for our servers. For mail hosted on cPanel you may use the following options for each protocol: Secure Connection Settings Secure SMTP: ... Read More »


The message should share proper information and not contain any spam content or keywords belonging to the category. For eg. greetings, personal messages, etc. Read More »


Any kind of promotion, marketing, sales, offers, invitations can only be sent through transactional route or to DND numbers only if the recipients are your registered users. Read More »


ID should be such that it either defines your company name (eg Flipkart) or your content (eg VERIFY for OTP). ID cannot be a person name or related to government authorities/firms, banks, stock market etc. For eg (SBIONL, Irctci, LICIND). If you still wish to use one, you or your client need to provide us a letterhead signed by the ... Read More »

How to send + sign in SMS using API?

If you are using API and need to send “+” sign in the content, you need to double encode the message content. You can double encode your message content in the following manner: <?php $message = “YOUR+++MESSAGE+++++WITH++++ PLUS++++SIGN”; $message = urlencode($message); $message = urlencode($message); //now the message is double encoded //send this message ?> Read More »

How can I integrate your API in my software?

Yes, you can integrate the API’s provided by our panel by following the steps mentioned below: 1.You can get to the API Documentation: You can look for the basic Text SMS API: You can fill in the parameters to get the API: You can also refer to the Sample Codes if you require to see how you can code: Read More »

What is Auth Key? How can I get my Authentication Key?

Authentication Key is a 24 characters unique key for an account which is required while sending messages through API. It specifies the account through which the SMS is sent. Select theAPI option from the bottom left corner Click on the key option in the top right corner Select theGenerate option from the window that pops up next. Read More »

What are Webhooks? How does it work?

A Webhook is a simple call back which is used to notify on the occurrence of an event. It’s an HTTP POST that occurs when something happens; a simple event-notification via HTTP POST. It will help you to get all the Delivery report on your desired URL. You can put the URL on which you want to receive the Delivery reports in ... Read More »

What is a .csv file?

A comma-separated values (CSV) file stores tabular data (numbers and text) in plain text. In general terms, it is just an Excel file which is saved in different type. You can save your file as .csv by just changing its type in the following manner. The CSV file format is supported by: Googlespread-sheet Microsoft Excelspread-sheet Librespread-sheet KSpread OpenOffice Calc Read More »

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