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SSL Protection

Plesk allows you to secure connections to your websites the same way as you did in SBP. That means you can obtain SSL certificates in Server > Tools & Settings > SSL Certificates and assign them to IP addresses in Server > Tools & Settings > IP Addresses. As in SBP, you can assign only one certificate per IP address. ... Read More »

SSL and Shared IP addresses (Windows)

On Windows-based installations, you can secure access to a site with SSL for site owners without having them purchase their own SSL certificate. Websites that employ shared SSL are, in fact, using the certificate shared by another domain. The domain that shares its SSL certificate with others is called master SSL domain. You can pick any website that belongs to ... Read More »

SSL and Shared IP Addresses (Linux)

Parallels Plesk Panel for Linux supports the Server Name Indication (SNI) extension to the Transport Layer Security protocol, which makes it possible to use authentic SSL certificates for sites hosted on shared IP addresses. SNI helps to efficiently use IPv4 resources and provides the following benefits: Providers can run any number of SSL sites with independent certificates on a single ... Read More »

FTP Access in Plesk

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a very old, relatively insecure, but very stable method for transferring files to and from a server. It works by opening a control connection to the server on one port, where your FTP client sends commands to the server and receives responses to them, and a second port so the client can send to and ... Read More »

How to restore your domain – Windows dedicated

To restore your domain (Web site): Click Backup in the Tools group. Click the backup file name you need. Select the Suspend domain checkbox, if you wish to suspend all domain activity during the restore. Note that suspended domains aren’t available to the visitors. Select the Nofity by e-mail checkbox and specify the e-mail, if you want to be notified ... Read More »

How to backup your domain – Windows dedicated

To back up your domain (web site): Click Backup in the Domain Click Create Backup in the Tools Specify the backup method: Create backup file and store in repository– backup file is created and stored on Plesk server. Do not store backup file in repository, only download it– backup file is created on the Plesk server, and as soon as it’s done, you download it to ... Read More »

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